How to Start a Sublimation Printing Business

How to Start a Sublimation Printing Business

Have you ever thought about what machines or materials you need to start a sublimation printing business? Hello friends welcome to our sublimation tutorial This time I bring some tips of How to Start a Sublimation Printing Business.

What Printers Do You Need to Start ??

First we will need a printer filled with Sublimation Ink, in my case I have Epson L110, Epson L310 A4 and Epson Ecotank Et-14000 A3 . They work excellent I haven’t had any problem with this printer.

Sublimation Printer

Sublimation paper is special for this technique, it has two faces, one is for printing the design and it’s brighter and whiter. Other side is opaque or matte .
In addition we are going to use thermal tape , used to stick sublimation paper in some surfaces and it resists more than two hundred celsius degrees.

Do You Need Special Blanks for Sublimating?

Here we need a special Sublimation Mug, it has a special polymer layer 100% of polyester to allow correct sublimation and Standard size is 11 ounces.

Sublimation Ceramic Mug

Next one you can see Satin ribbon, it\’s used for printing bracelets, maybe in your country is called by other name but you must be sure that ribbon is 100% of polyester.
Exist a lot of sublimation products as Mugs, Mouse pad, Bracelets and more.

Satin Ribbon to Sublimate

Talking About Sublimation Heat Presses

Now we have two different types of Sublimation Heat Press used to apply heat to products.
The red one is to sublimate Mugs, it’s the smallest only for one Mug at time, One of the most important features, it is you can change resistances according to size of the product, then you will be able to sublimate Mugs, thermos, aluminum bottles and conical Mugs and more.

For conical mug you must create a special template because the shape and size are different than 11 ounces Mugs, it can be created in corel draw or illustrator.
It has a digital timer where degrees and seconds are displayed when you close press countdown will start.

Mug Heat Press

After that we have a Sublimation Flat Heat Press, I use this one for T shirts, bracelets, cushions and mouse pad and more.

If you are going to get one heat press, you will come across with different types, the basic one like this one only with thermometer or a newer with digital controls to configure time and degrees it depends of your budget.

To get good sublimation quality in your blanks products, you need a kind of rubber called neoprene in order to get uniform pressure between product and paper and avoid white spaces in the final product.

These are some basic things you\’ll need to Start a Sublimation Printing Business, much of this depend of how much money do you have to begin your business.
It’s all for this video subscribe leave a comment see you next time and let\’s sublimate.