SUBLIMATION Times and Temperatures BEST SETTINGS Chart

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One of the main questions when ย  We start in printing or customization ย  of products to sublimate is preciselyWhat are the times and temperatures to sublimate each product or sublimable blanks?

In this table of times and temperatures to sublimate products we leave you approximated times and temperatures approximate for the sublimation printing process, it should be noted that each plate or heat press to sublimate may vary in its temperatures and type of degrees.You can find Heat Press for Mups or Heat Press to sublimate textiles or fabrics with degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius depending on the model and brand.

You can find in the table orYou can find in the table or list temperatures and times to sublimate textile, mugs, magical mugs, polyester garments, sublimable mouse pad, polyester ribbon for bracelets that is a sublimable fabric, aluminum bottles.